Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Fat has Seperation Anxiety!!

I worked it out finally! I have been trying to work this out for so long as to why my fat is not coming off!!  The only explanation is seperation anxiety. I will explain. I have been trying to loose some kgs and it always seems to be the case that if I do loose 1 or 2 kilos it tends to find its way back on my body within a week or two of it leaving or it just won't budge at all! Its kinda like a child who doesn't want to leave. He might leave you for a minute or two but freaks out and has to come back or he will go crazy. Or he just won't leave you alone at all for fear of never getting you back if he leaves!! So this is what I think of my fat. It just can't bare to leave it me, it has got so comfy and cosy that it just wants to stick to me forever!!! Oh, I really hope not! Anyone else relate??


  1. My fat loves me. I'm the hostess with the most-ess (in more ways than one!).

  2. Ha ha you are cracking me up! I am following you back and exctied to see both our weight loss journies progress into a fat free zone! LOL

    On a serious note for a min. I have found with my 50 plus pound loss that most of the weight loss came after I got out of my head and changed my attitude. Seriously! Once I started seeing a beautiful person in the mirror and quit thinking about how the fat won't go away and say out loud "it is goining away!" It started to faster. This was hard work but I forced myself to say those positive things multiple times a day. I did not believe it at first but I am starting to now:)

    You found my weight loss blog but I also have a journey to positive thinking blog as well which has helped a ton! Check it out if you want and please keep me posted on your success!


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