Friday, January 21, 2011


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Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok so do a little ranting on here, and I vent about my sometimes difficult days or moments with my kiddies. However, I do have humbling moments. I work at an SSP school. SSP stands for Schools with Specific Purposes which basically means children with disabilities. These kids have hearing and visual impairments and mental disabilities that prevent them from being able to attend mainstream schools. A lot of the children at our school are tube fed, have medications throughout the day and need to be monitored. We teach a lot of children who are autistic in all its different forms.  This year I will be taking a class with a student that has been diagnosed with Batten's Disease. We have another student who is older with this disease already at the school, but the student in my class is new to the school. She has been transitioned to our school from mainstream as her condition is deteriorating. Some children who have been diagnosed with this disease can be eating drinking, talking and doing a lot of regular functions and then, brain cells begin to die and these functions slow down and eventually and sometimes suddenly stop. I want you to take a look at this clip from YouTube, its a little long but do you best to see it through, or if you skip a little stop at the mother's interview because it really pulls at your heart strings and makes you appreciate what you have but also empathise as best you can with her and what she takes on each day in her life.
I love my job and learning about the students that I teach and come into contact throughout my day. Working with children with disabilities gives you a new way to look at life and your own family but also how we can serve others. All the kids at our school just want to feel cared for and have fun, its a great experience and if any of you out there are looking to volunteer for anything, please consider going down to your local SSP school and doing a day or two of service they would really appreciate it I'm sure, but I will guarantee, you will go home with a different perspective on life and if you are a mother, on motherhood too.

2011, a year for me?

So I got a gym membership for my christmas present, don't worry I did ask for it!! So my goal is for the school holidays to go every day and so far I only missed one day, so I am kinda proud of myself. I so badly need to get myself back into shape and be happy and proud of myself to do something for me, for a change. I actually enjoy going to the gym, I didn't think I would. I like wanting to be clearer in thought and in my life. Don't get me wrong here, it doesn't make me want to be a better house cleaner, in fact some of that has fallen by the wayside, but I get away with it, because I say, "I either go to the gym or I fuss about the mess" and it is working for the now!!!

Anyway, I just felt I was ready to take on the whole getting fit thing. I also accepted the challenge to take part in the Breast Cancer Triathlon in October this year. I figured, why not, I want to get fit, why not have a goal and try and see what I can do with it! Wish me luck, I shall need it. If I get around to it, I might even post some pics of my progress. Hang on, who am I kidding, when I go back to work I won't have time to do much of anything, my goal then will be to squeeze the actual exercise in!!! Anyway, take care and hope you have something big planned for 2011:)

So my Kids think I am a bad Mother!!!

So I woke up early today and headed off to the gym, got home had a shower got everyone up and got them organised for the day. We headed off to the cousins. Picked himMrE up and then we went off to my dad to go swimming. We spent most of the morning there until it got too hot and there was no more shade. I got everyone organised went back to my sister-in-laws and hung out there as the kids played on the slip and slide and other fun activities. Then I gathered my kiddies up swung by hubbys work so they could scooter around the parking lot and so I could pick up my little man from daycare. We got home, I organised them dinner, let them watch TV and watched them organise a skateboard/scooter ramp for a little while and then jumped on the puter to check out some blogs. Now apparently, because I have taken an hour or so out to do something for me, I have my 9 year old in my ear telling me I'm a bad mother because I am on the computer! What? How does that work? Moral of this story, you can never win with kids!!!