Monday, January 17, 2011

So my Kids think I am a bad Mother!!!

So I woke up early today and headed off to the gym, got home had a shower got everyone up and got them organised for the day. We headed off to the cousins. Picked himMrE up and then we went off to my dad to go swimming. We spent most of the morning there until it got too hot and there was no more shade. I got everyone organised went back to my sister-in-laws and hung out there as the kids played on the slip and slide and other fun activities. Then I gathered my kiddies up swung by hubbys work so they could scooter around the parking lot and so I could pick up my little man from daycare. We got home, I organised them dinner, let them watch TV and watched them organise a skateboard/scooter ramp for a little while and then jumped on the puter to check out some blogs. Now apparently, because I have taken an hour or so out to do something for me, I have my 9 year old in my ear telling me I'm a bad mother because I am on the computer! What? How does that work? Moral of this story, you can never win with kids!!!

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