Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is there anything baby wipes can't do?

So I had to clean my bathroom floor on the weekend, it was screaming for a clean. So I thought I would shush its desperate cries and clean it! Unfortunately my Rubbermaid mop cloth was in the wash as it too was screaming for a clean (a lot of screaming in my house that day!!). I was in the mood to clean and scared that I would not get back to this feeling again, I made the rash decision to use baby wipes to clean my bathroom floor. Why not? They clean poop from my son leaving his 'bot bot' smelling good and like he hadn't even done a number 2 in the first place. So I used up a couple of wipes and they really did a good job. I recommend you try it, you might find that baby wipes are the best thing for a bathroom floor.  I have also used baby wipes to remove vomit (baby or other...not going to detail anything it my make my dry reach!) from carpet and clean down the toilet seat, both at home and in public loos. We also have a leather lounge and baby wipes provide a good wipe over now and then.
So in the voice of Homer Himpson, "babywipes, is there anything you can't fix?"

What have you used your baby wipes for?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Quest to be GOOD!

I am so over hearing the "Quest for Perfection". As a Christian its something I hear so often, but I have to be honest, I am really getting over it. The fact is that the concept of being perfect is so overwhelming, that we burn ourselves out quicker than if we just positively lower the bar in the beginning. If we begin our quest in life with the goal to be GOOD, rather than be PERFECT, than I think we can find it easier to live a happier and fulfilling life.

We all make mistakes, that is a given, and I don't need to dwell on that. It is a lot easier for us, though to be good. To make good choices, to surround ourselves with good people, good music/art, good books,  good films, and good TV shows that in turn will inspire us to be good people. Whatever you consider each of these things to be 'good' is really up to you, just as long as these 'good' things make you happy and make you want to be a better - gooder you!!

I personally feel that I can definately be a good person. I can be a good friend,wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, aunty, and sister-in-law. I would also like to think that I am good at all these roles and that those who I interact with think I am good! It really is a more pleasant way to look at life when you think about it like this. It's easier to think about being good than just being ok.It puts a smile on your face and of course, that's a good thing:)!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's with the music? Music Mondays

You know how you feel sometimes when you think your are alone with your own point of view? Well I thought that I was either the only one or at least amongst a few that thought that the music of todays generation is getting out of hand. I am not that old, I'm the ripe age of 32, but it bugs me that so many artists out there are being too provocative with their lyrics, dance moves, and video clips. I was talking amongst work colleagues last week and this very subject came up and I stood their silent to see what they would say. The comment that impressed me most was when the ABBA songs came up within the discourse. My friend said,
" I know the dance moves and lyrics are a bit dorky, but at least you know what you're gonna get. With today's music, you don't always know what you're gonna get!" 

How true is this? Sometimes I listen to a song on the radio and like the beat, the music, the melody but it gets ruined when either I turn it up and listen to the lyrics and how inappropriate I realise they are or that the song is actually not about what I thought it was about! Or I watch the video clip and am shocked or disgusted by what I see. I have to say I am no longer a fan of Lady Gaga for a couple of reasons. I don't mind some of her songs but unfortunately I can't enjoy her songs when I know what her film clips are like.  I can't listen to poker face anymore without picturing her in her skimpy outfit with those provocative dance moves.  The other issue that I have is directed to the age group of innocense. My daughter is 10 and is definately impressionable. I personally want to make sure that the kind of music I am listening to is the kind of music I would be happy for her to listen to and if she should happen to come upon the music video that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable seeing it. Young girls are so desperate to seek out role models and heros and as a lot of girls love to dance and sing they want to copy and immitate the female singers and artists in the music industry. I hope that all female singers would consider this when they make their film clips and write their songs.
The other issue I have is the 'F' word. It's not necessary in music. Its not necessary in the english language, but we can control how it gets used in other mediums, so why don't we? How many children do you hear singing, " I want to be a millionaire, so f... bad?" Does it make you feel good hearing a child or even your own child say that word or a word that replaces it? Our kids are viles of innocense and its our roles as adults to direct them in positive ways and their are so many other things in our world that make their growth so challenging, why do we have to add music onto it?  We don't need foul language in music nor do we need to see skimpy clothes on women to sell a record, do we? Really, do we?

So, I have decied to share with you some music that I think is so amazing. For me its about the artist, their voice, their lyrics and their stories and nothing else. Its good solid music and you don't need to be shocked, offended, or uncomfortable to see where they are coming from. Its what 'real' music is about.
The first song is by  ADELE and I know I am not alone in liking her, she runs circles all over Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga does have a good voice, I can't deny her of that and yes she does have talent, but I do not agree with how she presents herself. This gets tiring and boring because there is only so much people can take. Madonna shocked us all and then what happened? She chilled out because we all got tired of it. I can't get tired of ADELE, she is timeless, like a lot of other great artists like Joni Mitchell, Peter Paul and Mary, Mary Chapin Carpenter, John Denver, to name but a few in this genre of the musical story tellers of timeless music. Their music relates to every generation regardless of what the current trend is. I love it!

So that is my spill for the day! What do you think? I will leave you with two contemporary artists that I love for my Music Monday. I hope you like them and they will give you a great start to your week:)

ADELE: Someone Like you

Sara Barielles: King of Anything