Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Daughter's 10th Birthday party - Dessert Table Suggestions

My gorgeous daughter turned 10 yesterday! Yes, the big 1-0, double digits! Firstly, I feel like most parents, where has the time gone!! It really does go by quickly when you look back. I remember so much of her life, but also know I have forgotten a lot too. Its sad when we don't have the memory we once thought we did. It gets worse when you have 4 kids! I remeber thinking as a kid, why does my mum forget things so easily? She was a whiz at finding everything, but she would forget simple things like how much pocket money she was supposed to give us, or what time certain activities were on. Now I get it! Your mind gets full of so much stuff that you worry about, thing about, dream about, that sometime simple things just get lost somewhere in the mix! Anyway, at least we remember the really important things:)

I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday not long after Christmas, basically so I could budget if need be depending on what she wanted. It was nice to hear her say, " I don't know! There's nothing I really want mum." Music to my ears is what that was!!! She did finally decide that she wanted a birthday party. So I decided what I would do is throw a super amazing party to remeber, after all its double digits!!

The party is to be held on the 28th of May and we have decided on a theme. It changed a few times but the invitations has been done so its "70's Disco Party". I want to blog about the process it will take me so hopefully others will get some inspiration for their child's next party, and I may also need some advice or suggestions as well.

The thing I definately want to do, Claire has given me the OK, is a dessert table. I came across a link to AmyAtlas and fell in love with the concept in a big way. Check out her site, Im sure you will fall in love with what she can create too!  I'm at the stage now where I kind of have an idea on what I want but I thought I would ask what you might suggest I put on the dessert table? What kinds of treats should I make and what colour combos do you think would look best? All suggestions would be appreciated:)