Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is there anything baby wipes can't do?

So I had to clean my bathroom floor on the weekend, it was screaming for a clean. So I thought I would shush its desperate cries and clean it! Unfortunately my Rubbermaid mop cloth was in the wash as it too was screaming for a clean (a lot of screaming in my house that day!!). I was in the mood to clean and scared that I would not get back to this feeling again, I made the rash decision to use baby wipes to clean my bathroom floor. Why not? They clean poop from my son leaving his 'bot bot' smelling good and like he hadn't even done a number 2 in the first place. So I used up a couple of wipes and they really did a good job. I recommend you try it, you might find that baby wipes are the best thing for a bathroom floor.  I have also used baby wipes to remove vomit (baby or other...not going to detail anything it my make my dry reach!) from carpet and clean down the toilet seat, both at home and in public loos. We also have a leather lounge and baby wipes provide a good wipe over now and then.
So in the voice of Homer Himpson, "babywipes, is there anything you can't fix?"

What have you used your baby wipes for?


  1. I use baby wipes for all my cleaning. I wipe everything down with wipes (tables, benches, kitchen sick, bathroom, everything) I like to throw away my germs. :)
    (Sounding like a bit of a clean freak aren't i,hehe trust me im not!)

  2. I love baby wipes too, even though my girl is out of diapers. We still buy them and use them all the time!

    When I read your title I thought of Homer. {My husband loves to use that question anytime we are eating doughnuts.}

    I am visiting from You Like Me Friday blog hop. It is nice to "meet" you. I hope you have a great weekend!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  3. I use baby wipes for everything :) New follower from the weekend hop, have a great day! You can find me at

  4. I think I use baby wipes on my hands as much as on baby butts!

    Following from blog hop- hope you follow back!

  5. LOL! It's so true. I use baby wipes for almost everything these days. I'm a new follower from the Weekend Blog Hop. Please check out my blog.

  6. Thanks for joining us on welcome to the weekend blog hop,I enjoyed reading this post now off to buy some baby wipes lol
    hope you pop back Wednesday/Saturday for my blog hops :)
    following back :)

  7. I used my Elmo wipes to clean up a massive vomit mess in our car from my son, it did a good job I thought for sure I'd have a big mess still to clean upon inspection days later, but nope all gone, it was a relief.