Friday, May 7, 2010


So I was in my local Target the other day. They are renovating at the moment, they were still open but some part of the store were still unorganised. I had a bit of this and a bit of that to do. I came across the manchester as I was in need of a fitted sheet. Thankfully there was a sale of 25% off so I took the opportunity to see what was in stock. The two I liked the most didn't have prices on the shelf. No worries, they have those price checker things,I shall check the price there. Off I went. I discovered the closest one was OUT OF ORDER! Bugger! So off I went with my items, one son in the pram and my other son tagging along. I came to the next one with a bit of a line wait. The first lady scanned, no problem.The lady in front of me scanned, no problem. Then it was my turn! Both items would not scan! AGGH! I hate when that happens. I did have a lady behind me but I was determined to get my price. I put it up close and slowly bought it closer to me. I turned it on an angle to the left and the right. I tilted it back a little then forward a little. The lady behind my, with no kids in tow I might add was getting impatient. She huffed and puffed until I thought she was going to blow me out of the way! I turned to here and said, " I don't think its working". She replied. " Let me have a go?" I stepped aside she scanned her item and BINGO! IT WORKED FOR HER! " She turned back and said, " You weren't holding it right." and walked away. What a cow! I always think of good come backs after the moment and I wish I had said," Well could you try scanning mine? You know you should write a book about how to do this the professional way!"
Anyway, I figured I would try again but still, it did not scan. I tried looking for a sales person to help but couldn't. I figured even if I did, they would just tell me to use the price checker anyway. My kids had had it and I was far too frustrated to stick around. I tried one more scanner with a line of impatient women behind me. My items did not scan and as I walked away the echo of price detected peeps tore through me. I had two items and decided to take a punt and purchased the fitted sheet that had the colour i liked most. I went to the checkout and. it only cost me $13!!! Not sure what the original price was, but I wasn't expecting that!! It's just a bummer that I couldn't know the price of the other ones I wanted too. Anyway, its put me off Target for a little while, until, that is I have to go back. That will probably be soon no doubt! Bugger!
Any price scanning experiences?


  1. I'm not usually very good at checking dockets, or change given for that matter! I do mean to but getting through a shopping trip with two kids is enough to deal with. On day at Target I was charged $79 for 3 small items - somehow the barcode for a $3 pair of socks was entered as a $35 pair of shoes. Lucky I noticed that one!