Thursday, May 13, 2010


Darling daughter's birthday was on Monday, she is now 9! She had been asking for a DS but our son already has one and with some dramas of 'misplacing' the console and games and games going through the washing, I wasn't so keen for her to have one. Hubby has an iphone and we love the games you can get from the app store. So we figured an itouch might be a better option. We can't stop her losing the console, but at least there is no games to lose and they games only cost around $1.20 for most. So we decided to get her an itouch. She was thrilled! She also got a itunes card, from her aunty so she can purchase some things at the Apps Store. This is were my anger began. Did you know that at the App store there is easy access to FREE apps that have ADULT material? My husband and I looked through the lists in horror and realised that there seemed to be no blocking system for these types of apps for young children. So, we had to explain to her rules and the which ones she couldn't press on. But, my concern lies with children, millions, all over the world who can easily access these types of games at a press on the button. There are frees ones just waiting there for pure minds to curiously explore.  My message to you all, is to check your kid's itouch if they have one, regularly to make sure they don't have these apps stored on them, and if you have them on you phone, make sure the kids can't access yours without supervision and making sure which games/apps they are playing/using.  I will be attempting to contact Apple to find out if they are going to do something about, but if anyone knows more than I do, about how to block such material, then I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Oh I agree totally.

    My son has an ipod touch & this will be a concern for us soon enough. He is five & can't read yet so we're ok. I make sure I load all of his games on for him too.

    That said, I do agree that there would be lots of kids out there not supervised nearly enough supervision getting into the wrong sorts of things.