Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My little girl is growing up!

I had a great day today, until, I picked up my kids!! Of course I love my kids, but they have this ability to totally drain me. Today I decided to meet the kids at the shops across the road from school. I thought I would buy them a treat before doing some groccery shopping before heading home. It sounded like a great idea and I knew the kids would be happy.

So I met them in front of Wendys. I broke the happy news, that they could choose a treat from Wendys. So this is when it all began! I should know by now, that I should only give me kids three things to choose from. Instead, I told them as long as it was less than $4 they could have it. My older two kids decided upon their third choice. My second youngest child, took a little longer. He first asked for a milkshake to which I replied, if you want to share it with me, that is fine. Of course, this was not on! I said the naughty word, SHARE! This son has a major issue with sharing his food. He can share toys, he can share his bedroom, but if you mention food and share in the same sentence he goes off, big time. So, yes, I had a tanty on my hands. This son is 5 so, the tanty was on big scale and I think he achieved 95% of the shopping centre's attention! So in the calmest voice I could muster, I made another offer.

"If you calm down and tell me what you would like, other than a milkshake, I will buy that for you."

Unfortunately this did not work. He started shouting, " You never buy me what I ask for!" I'm starting to think this might be part of the second youngest child's syndrome. He has this big hang up about how everyone else gets what they want and he never does, which of course, I don't believe for a second, it's true. Kids exaggerate things to find out what kind of reaction they will get. I paid for my other kid's items and went and sat them down and, again, in a calm voice. I told my son, if he calmed down, I would be happy to take him back to Wendy's just him and me, and buy him something. This calmed him down and he asked for a hotdog. So I bought him one. Thank goodness for that!

I wish the day ended here, however, after the kids ate their treats I had to get some food items. So we piled bags into the trolley and I fought a toddler to get into the trolley too, but I lost! I figured I needed to choose my battles carefully from here on in, as I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Once in the supermarket, the first 3 minutes went rather smoothly, but I was cautious, it was just too good to be true. By the time I hit the dairy cabinets for milk, it all started up. The kids went troppo, with the boys running up and down isles, my toddler crying for juice and so on and so on! I managed to get the kids to the check out with no yelling, yes I did pat myself on the back! I am getting better at this controling my temper thing! We got to the car and then my toddler started up. It is at this point that I think I might just lose it when my daughter says, " You get the boys in the car mum and I will pack the grocceries in". I'm in shock for about 3 seconds and with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye I organise the boys in their seat with belts on and then go to help my daughter. She is already finished and wheels the trolley back to the trolley bay. I sat in the front seat with time to take a deep breath. I thanked her for being so helpful and she smiles back and says, " Well you needed the help mum". Ahhh, she is growing up:o)

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