Saturday, April 16, 2011

Confessions of a ZipLoc Bag Addict

Ok, I am new to this, so please do not laugh. This is a serious matter that needs some serious attention. Ahem {clear throat}. My name is Courtney and I am a Zip Loc Bag Aholic!! I'm absolutely serious here, this is a problem that really should be taken on. I realised I had a problem when I couldn't find my box of Ziploc bags. I was absolutely frantic because I didn't know what I was going to do with my half onion and my new bag of spices and my just opened bag of lollies!! What do I do with these things if I don't have a Ziploc bag? I searched everywhere until I finally found some old ones that I realised I could wash out and reuse.Then it hit me, why have I been throwing out so many bags when I could have been washing and reusing? Childhood memories of my grandma's clothes line came to me. She used to wash and resue as many freezer bags as she could. She even washed and reused gladwrap when she could. We used to make fun of it, but now the genius of the idea makes sense! I am sure somewhere in this all I could throw more salt to the wound be guilting myself further by all the ziploc bags I have touched that I now sitting in land fill. {breath}

When you open my pantry cupboards there are ziploc bags scattered throughout holding all types of edible and even non- edible items. I even use ziploc bags to hold toothbrushes, laundry powder, salt, sugar, milo  when we go camping (all in seperate bags of course!) I use and abuse those bags and i think I have got to a point where i need to stop. I rely so heavily on them its gettting embarassing!  So my reason for this post is a kinda like an intervention, except i am organising it!I need some ideas on how to get over this addiction but still have good organisation and storing ideas. C'mon fellow bloggers I need your help, if bloggers can't help me than who can??!!!

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  1. I will join Zip Loc Bag Anonymous with you....My name is Kirsten, and I'm Zip Loc Bag Aholic.
    I have no doubt that my pantry and fridge don't look much different than yours.
    I keep them in my drawer in 4 sizes. I did the shopping today, and when I got home I put something into one, and pulled the last one out of the box. *horror*
    I'll be back at the supermarket tomorrow.

    K xx