Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My daugther came to me a little upset a couple of weeks ago. She said she found something out at school that she can't work out if its true or not. I was worried and a hundred different things rushed through my head at once as to what she was going to ask me! She said:
"Someone at school told me that Miley Cyrus drinks, smokes and takes drugs"

My daughter is a big fan of hers and the show Hannah Montanna, so to hear that the girl she admires on those shows , was now doing the above things, she was really perplexed. I could have told her no, but I have seen the youtube videos online and seen other footage in the media, so I knew it was true. She is almost 10 so I figured, she needed to know that teenagers, even the famous ones make these choices in life. I told her it was true and I could tell she was instantly disappointed. I told her that Miley was no longer a young girl, and I would say she has decided to do these things to show to others she is more grown up. I also told her that I don't think she is making good choices and doing these things doesn't mean you are grown up, it means you aren't good at making some choices!! Hopefully she will realise this soon and realise she has made a mistake. My daughter said, she will still listen to her music but is sad that she does those types of things.

I personally am upset with Miley. I know she is growing up, but really she needs to be aware and accept that her fans are young girls and like it or not, she is a role model to these girls. Her fans got her to where she is, so she needs to be respectful of that. Why does she feel that these types of activities will show her as "grown up"? I hope she realises sometime soon that you can grow up and show you are no longer a young girl without doing these types of activities.

That's my mummy rant for the day!!!

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