Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where are the role models in the Music Industry?

  I am directing my post today to the young and vulnerable girls that populate our world. As a mother of  a 10 year old daughter I am a little worried. I worried about where the good role models are in the music world. Why am I worried? Well, I currently attend a gym and at this gym they have a music channel that runs all the time with all different music genres. Mostly it would be what I assume is the popular music. The music that teenagers would be drawn to and that freaks me out!! It really does, and in particular it freaks me out for young girls. The ones that love music and want to be grown up and turn to their music heros for direction on how to move/dance, how to dress and how to act. What I see on these video clips are girls/women who are scantily dressed, dancing like they should be in a strip club and acting like they don't value who they are. Why is it that a lot of women in the music industry feel the need to show off as much of their boobs, and other parts of their body to get 'noticed'. Music is about your voice, and how your voice affects the listener. When did this change to become more about a body than a voice? The only thing I can work out is those that don't have the voice, have the body and so need to sell that. However,  when you are listening to a record, you can't see the body, or the dance moves, you can only hear the voice.

The lyrics are also important. Listen to your favourite song, what is the message or story of the song? Do you know what it is? We need to be listening to the lyrics more, because we and our children and singing songs that could be inappropriate for their age groups. 

I am just worried for girls who are young and vulnerable and look to women in the music industry to work out how to be cool and accepted. They see how these women present themselves with their clothing, their language, their dance moves, and their interactions with the opposite sex, or sometimes the same sex. Its up to us mums, and whoever the caregiver/guardian is, to show girls how to respect themselves and not feel that its their body that is going to get them further. If we can teach our girls at a young age, we have a better chance of these values being blossoming in their minds when they decide to make their own choices and mums fall into the background(unwillingly of course). 

 I want to leave you with a female vocialist, that I absolutely love. I have many favourites, but this lady is modern and in the top 40 lists all over the world. She has an amzing voice and she is a good example of making it big because of her voice and not because she wears clothes that show off her boobs, or dances provocatively, or shows any indication of disrespecting herself.  I am sure you will fall in love with her voice too.


  1. Do. not. get. me. started. This is a topic very dear to my heart and one I am preparing ammo on for when my girls start noticing the silly young things prancing around in their pants.

    Adele = fabulous. More please! x